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Chuco! Talks is a weekly social radio show put together by Rio Pod Co. and Osaple. Every episode is about a person, group of people, business or event related to El Paso. You can tune in every Sunday at or check out past episodes at

Chuco! Talks - Episode 3: WXSW w. Patrick McNeil

It's another episode of Chuco! Talks, amigos!

This time we have Splendid Sun Productions' Patrick McNeil talking about the awesomeness that is WXSW. Who dat', you say? Check out the link for details or if you want to see the entire schedule, check out the Lowbrow Palace Facebook page.

We also have info about Pershing Inn's upcoming shenanigans, the Center Against Family Violence's Lend Us Your Ear fundraiser, this Saturday's Kidspalooza and other great stuff.

Our buddies at Rio Pod Co are starting to give away cool stuff so be sure to hit up their Facebook page and "like" it for a chance to win awesome prizes. Maybe some Osaple gear? Hmmm... es posible!
Enough jibber jabber! Click the link above or click here to enjoy the show. :)

Super Duper Osaple Bus Stop Bar Hop Details!

Too tipsy at the end? Don't risk it! SUN CITY CABS! 9155442211
Park anywhere near the Union Plaza Entertainment District area around Overland and Durango. If you can’t find free parking, the Union Plaza Transit Terminal, 400 San Antonio, has a parking garage. Parking is $2 for the first hour and $1 for each additional hour but the max you’ll pay is $5.
If you don’t see us on a sidewalk near the south side of the parking garage, then walk south on Durango to the parking lot next to Motel Bar. This is where you will pick up your map, bracelet and get briefed on the event before starting your fantastic voyage!
The earliest time to start is 11am and the latest suggested time is 12:30p so you have enough time to enjoy the trip. A registration table will be set up next to Motel Bar which is across the street from the Sotoa Building downtown at 500 W. Overland. This is where you'll get briefed, pick up your bracelet and map then start your journey.
1st HOPYou’ve got your bracelet and handy-dandy map! Now, you can either:
1. Take the free Downtown Shopping District Circulator (Route 9) located in the parking garage, which comes around every 12 minutes.
2. Continue walking south on Durango, turn left/east on Paisano and then right/south to the Downtown Transfer Center, 601 Santa Fe, where you will board either Route 35 (Bay G), Route 33 (Bay N) or Route 50 (Bay H) to the first venue! It is on THIS bus that you will need to pay $3.50CASH ONLY, for your Day Pass. Just tell the driver you need a Day Pass and then you insert your money into the farebox. The farebox will give you a DayPass.
DON’T LOSE THIS PASS!This is how you’ll be able to ride the bus all day without paying more cash!
Times for this bus route are as follow:
#35 – 11:45a, 12:15p, 12:45p and 1:15p#33 – 12p, 12:45p and 1:30p#50 – 11:45a, 12:15p, 12:45p and 1:15p
PHOTO 1: During your ride, snap a photo of you and your crew on the bus. Get creative and/or funny! It may help later. ;D
Once you’ve arrived to the Five Points Terminal, walk east toward Piedras. Your first two venues are off Piedras. Joe Vinny and Bronson’s Bohemian Café is at Tularosa and Piedras and further north, Pershing Inn is on Pershing Drive off Piedras.
Choose one of the two locations and get a dranky-drank. No need to hit up both at the same time. On the way back during the trip, you will be able to hit up the other location you missed.
PHOTO 2: Remember! Snap a picture of you and your beverage before leaving. Creativity may pay off later so do it up!
2nd HOP
Go back to the Five Points Terminal where you will go to Bay H and take Route 50 to the next location.
Times for this bus route are as follow:
1:10p, 2:10p, 3:10p, 4:10p
**NOTE**Pay close attention to the times and BEFORE you board this route be sure to ask the driver, “Are you going to Hawkins and Montana?” If the driver says, “Yes.” then you board! The reason is because this route makes a detour into the Cielo Vista neighborhood during every other trip, at the request of passengers.
PHOTO 3: During your ride, snap a photo of you and your friends on the bus. Keep the creative streak going!
The next location is the Three Legged Monkey on Hawkins off Montana. When the bus gets into the turning lane at Montana near Hawkins (Circle K) pull the yellow cord/push the yellow strip to signal the bus driver to stop at the Immigration and Naturalization Service office across the street. Look both ways before crossing the street and then enjoy the specials! This venue has food, delicious food at that, so take advantage.
PHOTO 4: Remember! Snap a picture of you and your beverage and/or comida before leaving. Include your homies, too!
3rd HOPOnce you’re done, walk south on Hawkins about a block to the bus stop located at the parking lot for the Lone Star Golf Club and take Route 50 to the next stop. Times for this bus route are approximates because it is not a major stop:
2:30p, 3p, 3:30p, 4p, 4:30p
PHOTO 5: Pic time! The sillier the better!
When the bus is driving past the Jeep/Chrysler car lot and approaching Sioux Drive (the second street after Airway) pull the yellow cord/push the yellow strip to signal the bus driver to stop at the bus stop just after Sioux Drive. You’ll walk back east toward Sioux Drive and head up/north to Bikini Joe’s. There will also be food here so enjoy a beverage and/or some tasty vittles before heading out.
PHOTO 6: Duck face time! Ok, maybe not, but make it count! Remember the drink and/or grub!
4th HOPOnce you’re done, head back to the same bus stop for your next location. You will board Route 50 again. If you recognize the driver say, “Hey, man, long time no see!”
Times for this bus route are approximates because it not a major stop:
4:12p, 4:42p, 5:12p, 5:42p, 6:12p, 6:42p, 7:12p
PHOTO 7: Say queso! Picture time on the bus!
This bus will take you back to the Five Points Terminal where you will hit up either of the two venues you didn’t make it to during the first trip.
Bowie Feathers and Hello Day Cafe won't open until 6p so no need to rush through the hop. Of course, you don't want to get back late at night and miss the raffle, either! If you end up at this last location before heading back downtown and you have more than an hour left, have another tasty beverage before leaving. You'll be good. :)
After your drink…
PHOTO 8: By this time you should be good enough to take a pic with a stranger or the
bartender… so why not?!
5th HOPOnce you’re done, head back to the Five Points Terminal and take routes 35 or 50 back to home base!
Times for this route are as follow:
Route 35 (Bay C): 5:46p, 6:16p, 6:46p, 7:16p, 7:46p, 8:16p, 8:46p, 9:16p, 9:46pRoute 50 (Bay A): 5:45p, 6:15p, 6:45p, 7:15p, 7:45p, 8:15p, 8:45p, 9:15p, 9:45p
PHOTO 9: You know the drill. Get your selfie on.
When the bus is driving down Oregon and passing the San Jacinto Plaza pull the yellow cord/push the yellow strip to signal the bus driver to stop at Oregon near Texas. Almost there! Time to test your sobernessessess. Walk south on Oregon, go right/west on San Antonio and then left/south on El Paso Street where you’ll run into home base – Bowie Feathers!
All participants will end up here where you will…
PHOTO 10: Snap a picture of you and your final drink from Bowie Feathers or good eats from Hello Day Café downstairs. Now take this sheet to the Osaple team so they can check you off for your raffle ticket!
BONUS!!All your photos are good to go? Great! Now look through your pics, find your funniest one and post it to the Osaple Facebook page. If you were at one of the bars, feel free to tag them and any of your friends. We’ll have some prizes for best pic or pics that night!
We will stop taking raffle submissions at 9:45p so be sure to finish your route with enough time to get your pictures checked and verified to enter the contest. The raffle will go down at 10:00p sharp!
Best of luck to everyone and may the best Bus Stop Bar Hopper win!
Too tipsy at the end? Don't risk it! SUN CITY CABS! 9155442211
*This is not a Sun Metro sanctioned event. HOWEVER! If we’re all on our bestest behavior, maybe we can join forces for the next one! :) 


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